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The term commercial property is a synonym for income or investment property. Basically, a commercial property is a building or a land which is projected to generate profit for the livelihood. Commercial properties include industrial property which is used for industrial work, medical centres, office buildings, malls, retail stores, farm land, hotels, warehouses and many more. Precisely, the commercial property can be divided into six different categories which include retail, leisure, industrial, office, multi family apartments and healthcare. An investment property can be in the form of anything depending on the needs of the investors.

With the change in time, the importance of commercial property has also increased on a rapid rate. Long back ago, people did not thought of investing in properties especially commercial properties and rather they used to invest in gold and other ornaments. But with the change in time people started understanding the importance of commercial piece of land and started investing in it. People now days are investing in the commercial properties on a large scale and also there are many commercial projects that are being planned around the world.

One of the upcoming commercial property providing projects is NX One. This is an upcoming project which is launched by S.P. Sai IT Pvt. Ltd. It is a mini township that has various locations of the properties including the Country Inn Hotel which is a 5 star hotel signed under the MOU.


This is a very interesting project which helps in providing the best property that helps in attracting a lot of investors.

  • The plots of sizes Sizes available in Nx1 are 850 sq feet and its multiples are available
  • Being located in an area which is mostly visited by students, tourists and IT professionals, all the necessary facilities are available nearby
  • 24 hours of CCTV surveillance is available which helps in providing a secure and safe environment
  • It is located close to the Gaur City Township
  • This project is situated on the highway and just next to the HCL. This makes it easy to reach to this project.
  • Space for retail mall on lower and ground floor is available along with 2 level of car parking
  • Food court and shopping area is situated within the premises
  • 5 star hotels are located near to the project which makes it appropriate for the investors have a comfortable stay
  • Space available for cafeterias, reception lobbies and also conference halls

Investing in the NX One project is a smart choice as it provides all the necessary facilities, for which one looks before investing in a commercial property. Everyone now days aspire for a private and a comfortable commercial office as it helps in leaving a good impression on the clients. Another advantage of investing in this project is that it is a GREEN project. In other words, concept of green buildings is used and they are designed using the modern architecture. Moreover, eco-friendly offices are made available using the active waste management system. So donít wait and invest in the NX One project.

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